All About me challenge

I dare you all to do the All About Me Challenge!~✌ Full Name?: Elizabeth-Marie Anna Joyce Nes

~?single or taken: No comment

~?Future career: I’m doing it ?

~ Crushing: let’s just not go there ?

~❤Favorite colour: P!NK

~?Want Kids?: Maybe. Sometime SOON.

~If, So How Many?: 2-5

Maybe tick off some dreams before hand (or during)

~?SnapChat?: lizmarienes

~☕Last Drink: Water
~?Goth, emo or both: uh what

~?Makeup or not: not

~?Cats or dog ?: BOTH!

~?Evil or good?: Don’t know yet. There’s a place for both.

~⚽Fave sport?: Swimming or cycling ? ?

~?Fave animal(s): Too many to list.

~?Weird?: What even is normal.

~?Do u have haters: Yup, haters gon hate.

~?Funny or nah?: Meh.