Dear all millennials,

Some of you are an embarrassment. I’m not going to be all happy-clappy with this. 

I’ve read and watch social media for the last week of what we are posting and sharing. 

News flash, the majority of you are posting things like,

“Just did my home baking run to Pamela. It was nice to see you for a coffee too!”


“Great to do PE Pete’s workout with you, we should invite more people.”

And in real life, right in front of my eyes…

driving around in the bro’s car with some beers and urinating on the side of the road. 


The worst one is when they meet their neighbourhood friends for a casual game of frisbee in reserve. 


Having casual Friday and Saturday night drinks because you’re in my bubble is just Bull S%^T!

But, Don’t worry, they’re all reported. 

I’m so embarrassed for us. There are so many of us our age who have the Coronavirus. 

I don’t know why you can’t help by just using the common hashtag, #stayathome and not be a dick. You think you have immunity well; you don’t. You don’t because if we did over 242 of us wouldn’t have Coronavirus. Cause newsflash staying home saves lives. 

I feel like we as young people are so naive. Like are we living under a rock? 

The answer is no because it’s all over the internet, including social media channels. 

It saddens me to hear that millennials are being rude to essential workers. When they get told to go home and stay home, It’s not because you’re millennial.

 Uh no it’s actually being told by everyone. 

You’re even taking the “piss” on the situation by creating mockery and offensive content on social media. Such as, by not staying safe and at home or mocking people who have Coronavirus. Wonder what your parents would think if they saw the content?