Flirtophobia (Fear of Flirting)

To flirt, all you have to do is take action. Almost any action at all – with the right mental attitude – is a flirting gesture.

If you are afraid, then just treat it as being friendly to the other person. That’s what flirting really is anyway.

Go out and be especially friendly to the person you see. Get your feet wet by saying you just want to meet people – not members of the opposite sex.

No one is judging you. Flirting is a solitary activity. Only you will know if you fail.

Flirting is contagious. Subconsciously, your body picks up the language, and before you realize it you will have passed your initiation rites into the group.

If you are scared to flirt, don’t dispair. Everyone is at various times. The flirts who appears confident have just learned to hide this discomfort better than most.

Remember, flirting is a mental game.

Keep reminding yourself that by flirting, you are doing someone a favor, since you are opening the lines of communications.