I’m a really big fan of Google with all the madness and creativity which they develop. Until recently I’ve noticed multiple faults with Google, for instance..


Why did you need to buy Youtube for? The reason I say this is, is it because you want to increase your users on your Gmail platform which is failing? My business was first developed without a Gmail account for my Youtube, then when Google bought Youtube, I needed a Gmail account for my Youtube account to work. I definitely did not want to have another email considering I have like 14 work emails to attend to already with my webhoster and since recently with Youtube and gmail its now 15. I even contemplated about changing video platforms due to this whole shenanigans.

G+ AKA Google Plus

I really liked it how Google developed G+ social media, it was like a beautiful piece of artwork done by Michael Angelo and now its like turd. Theres a few mistakes, the 4 are:

Number 1) When you’re on your browser and want to work and you don’t need your web browser open but you still need Google Hangouts open. You need to have open on your web browser google so that the separate chat window will still work. If you don’t the chat window won’t work.

Number 2) Within the Google Hangouts app, If you want to send a photo you’ve already taken, you can’t click the camera and access your previous camera roll. you need to click the button next to it. For a while I thought it was for video.. thats another point.

Number 3) In the Google Hangouts app, for video… you need to hold it down like Snapchat.. dumb.

Number 4) For notifications, you need to go to separate parts on your web browser.

Over and out.