these are a list of recent abbreviations i have been soiled with throughout my computermatron raping career feel free to update me with any others i have not yet been informed about

LOL (a commonly used robotic false expression) = lumps of limb

LMAO = lama mutilation and other

LMFAO = lactating midgit fucking an ostrich

BRB = bog rape beast(this is quite a common expression literally meaning beast who specialises in many forms of rape situated in mainly bog or swamp land)

STFU= spazticus the funky umbrella(a fictional character from a well known childrens novel “the adventures of spazzticus the umbrella” of course it was taken off the air after one screening , right wing christians complained about spasticuses stage antics i.e ramming itself up innocent spectators anal passages and opening up inside.rightly so , TWASNT NEARLY KINKY ENOUGH FOR OUR YOUNG VIEWERS ,

JK=jesus kill (i.e. KILL JESUS)

TBH= thai bum hunting (a form of thaiwanese homosexual bashing)

WTF= whip the fog(no explanation required)

CIJSOATYOBM= christ ive just shat out a thirty five year old botswanian midgit

pomftacmwbnf= piss on my face thrice and call me whore bitch ninety five

wbs= walrus bashing scum(also belonging to the seal clubbing category)

wbx= weetabix (for all those who have severe weetabix fetishes)

omg= orange molesting goats(found mainly in the southern regions of malaysia in the foothills of milande)

omfg=orangatang mutilating feet grovelers(feet worshipping orangatang haters ,it is said they have a strong hatred for all things ginger )

ROFL=(sitting in my chair with a blank expression)rolling on the floor laughing .. DIE!! or alternatively ROFL= rape otters frightfully lovingly
(i.e. to rape an otter out of love for it)

please feel free to leave a comment but i feel ive given a pretty accurate representation of all these FUNKAY NEW RAMBUNCTIOUS SAYINGS ALL THE KIDS NOW A DAYS USE