Creative identity theft hurts

Its out there folks. Can we stop it? unfortunately no… unless we close off our brand and keep our ideas to ourselves and not get clients.

I have recently been indulged on three cases.

Lets take a look at some.

I have friends which are chefs, they’re all unique and have different cooking styles from Indian to Italian to Fine Dining to Winery restaurant dining down to food artwork basically. These chefs each have their own unique cooking style and are happy with the way they cook and are proud of what they create. AND SO THEY SHOULD BE.
Theres chefs out there that are still finding that hidden spark in their madness creativity.
For instance, one chef I know bought these amazing plates, VERY hard to find. A photo was posted by a client on Instagram. Then within a month the plates were at that place.

Another instance, a chef friend of mine had a secret hidden gem added to his dishes, something which made him unique. Within 1 month later a different chef copied his exact trend.