This is random but true, How hard is it to get a direct flight from Christchurch (CHC) to Queenstown (ZQN) every day! Some days Jetstar only offers flights from CHRISTCHURCH TO QUEENSTOWN with a flight duration of either 6 hours and 45 mins or 5 hours and 30 mins.. Every couple of days a week they offer direct flights, surely it would be ideal to just have direct flights. Example: look up for argument sake on for flights on Monday 1st October all the flights for that day is 6 hours and 45 mins or 5 hours and 30 mins, Tuesday 2nd the same crap happens except they offer one direct flight, Wednesday 3rd October oh again they only offer 1 direct flight, Thursday 4th October only one direct flight again! Friday 5th October no direct services again, Saturday 6th October only one direct service offered that day, Sunday no direct flights again. To make matters worse from what I can work out these non direct flights fly via Auckland. Can I make a comment Napier to Auckland is roughly the same distance as Queenstown to Christchurch they offer direct flights every day, it’s not like they offer a flight to Auckland via Christchurch. Sort ya shit out.