#ff16 twitter

So for something different I decided to do MEGA #FF 16……… So here we go


This man slaves away till the early hours of the morning producing some of the most amazing picturesque photographs from the rugged south. totes worth the follow!!!


One of my awesome tweeps whom has an amazing passion for music and loves a good yarn!


This dude is pretty hilarioussss and has tweets some of the most coolest and amazing designs which he makes at his design business and is also a keen targa driver.


He’s the mantiss and his tumblr is just as cool as him 🙂


My domain and web hosting company! TOTES USE THEM!!!!!!!!!! :))


Purveyor of fine tech 😉 that is all.


Awesome farming cantabrian!


Awesome photographer and is your go to man for HB on Canon! To see his pics go here

@eajth56 && @harknesstd

AJ is awesome and Tessa is his awesome wifey! Follow Tessa, she’s new to twitter!


One of the lovely ladies from Hastings I-Site and also the manager! 🙂


lovely lady who knows a lot about coffee and always there for me when I’m down! 🙂


Awesome lady and great lady to have a yarn with.


Gwyn has just moved to HB from Glasgow and is friendly and kind. She’s also a good cyclist so watch out Ramblers!


Tina is so lovely! Please come back to Hawkes Bay soon!! 🙂 x


One of my girlys from High School and has an amazing tumblr,, follow her here