Girls fess up challenge

Girl’s Fess Up Challenge!!?Bath or shower? Baths ?

?Straight or curly? I don’t mind. Not fussy. ?

?Favourite Movie? Dirty Dancing or Deadpool ?

?Favourite holiday? HB Anniversary / Labour weekend- friends are off work get to catch up with everyone.

?Android or iPhone? iPhone

?Texting or call? Call but I like to text. I like to call my best friends and spin some good yarn.

?Facebook or twitter? Facebook

?Favourite food? Butter chicken or cheeseburgers ? or licorice.

?Dream job? I’m almost living it.????

?Favourite pizza? Cheeseburger or Meatlovers

?Favourite cake ? Chocolate but not mud cake. YUCK!

?Talking or fighting? Talking ?

?Night or day? Nights

?Summer or winter? Summer

?Makeup or no makeup? No make up, prefer natural.

?Favorite TV show? House of Cards. BACHELOR FRANCHISE SHOWS. WOOOW should not of said that. ??

? Hair up or down? Depends on the look. Not fussy.

?Jeans or leggings? Jeans ?

?Painted or non painted nails? I’m half and half on this one.

?Favorite color? White and pink ?

?T-shirt or dress shirt? Dress shirts. ?

?Jandals or sneakers? Jandals

?Big purse or small? None.

?How many tattoos? None don’t plan on getting any tbh.

?How many piercings? 4 ?

?Diamonds or pearls? I love both ? not fussy.

?Favorite animal? Cat or dog but certain types of dogs. ?Cows. But at same time I’m scared of cows. ???

?Rap or country? I like any music ??