Osama bin laden and George bush

One day Osama bin Laden and George Bush were at the dump,
dumping their trash when they saw each other. Then, George Bush
found a funny looking bottle and decided to open it. When he
opens it, a little genie pops out and says, “You each get one
wish, Osama bin Laden goes first. What is your your wish Osama?”
“Well,” Osama said, “I want a great wall around my country,
Afganistan, and I want it to be 500 feet tall and 500 feet wide,
and absolutely nothing can go through it, so that all of my
Muslims there cannot escape. That is all. Can you do that?”
“Your wish is granted Osama,” said the genie, “Now for your wish
George. What will it be?””Fill it with water.”