Signs its time to retire from the superhero business

Signs its time to retire from the superhero business

Your motion to install wheelchair ramps in the secret headquarters keeps getting shot down.

You just installed a warning alarm in the Batmobile to alert you when you’ve been driving for more than a mile with the turn signal on.

No matter how much you adjust it, your Spandex costume won’t hide the fact that you’re wearing Depends.

You can only manage one “up and away” and even that requires a few Viagra.

Your current source of angst is the way your sidekick’s grandchildren are wrecking your lawn with their scooters.

In a 10-1 vote, the rest of the JLA has asked that you replace your bustierre and short shorts with something a little less revealing.

Rasping “I’m your worst nightmare, punk!” is WAY scarier when your bridge stays in place.

Your shrinking powers no longer have any effect on your prostate.

Your new arch-enemy? Irregularity.

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